In a good, well-oiled classroom, there are rules and procedures.

In a perfect world, these procedures are followed flawlessly by students which decides what type of environment they will see in the classroom. These rules and procedures are created by a teacher so the class will go smoothly and students will have their needs reached. It’s when these procedures are not followed that the class begins to break down.

Just as in a classroom, the universe has a set of rules and procedures. The laws of physics govern the universe as do rules in a classroom. Additionally, an innate sense of morality governs every human being. The universe is bound by physics. Humans are bound by morality.

Just as rules in a classroom are created by teachers so too are the laws of physics and morality are created by a mind. This mind is personal and created man in His own image. And gave us the ability to steward creation with Him and for Him.

It is when we turn away from these set rules that chaos and brokenness enters into this “classroom.” Only the teacher can ultimately fix the classroom

by showing mercy where mercy is needed.

Grace where grace is needed.

Love where love is needed.

Wrath where wrath is needed.

And discipline where discipline is needed.

The good Teacher knows when to do all of these. So too does the mind of the One who created the universe. And instead of some abstract concept to fix the issue, this Mind answered our brokenness with a concrete response.

This person is Jesus!

#RestorationIsHere #HisNameIsJESUS

  • Written by: Todd Weller (8/14/20)
  • Edited by Dean Ross (10/13/20)